What's Inside Your Russia Box?

Delicious Snacks and Treats

Each Russia Box contains 1 or 2 large items and 5 to 10 small to medium snack items.  Save for yourself, share with your friends, or give a sweet gift to a loved one!

Large Items may include Cookies, Crackers, Tea, Jams, Jellies, Hot Chocolate, Rahat Lukum, Turkish Delights, Pastilla, etc.   

Medium Items may include Chocolate Bars, Zefir, Marshmallows, Gummies, Filled Chocolate Candy, etc.  

Small Items may include Chocolate Candy, Caramels, Nougats, Wafers, etc. 


Lifestyle and Cultural Items

Your Russia Box will also contain 1 genuine lifestyle or cultural item.  Lifestyle Items may include traditional Russian Arts & Crafts, Figurines, Games, Souvenirs, Dishware, Tea Accessories, Matreshkas, Ghzel, and Khokhlama.


Need more reasons to sign up?

Take the journey through the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe one bite at a time.  Eat your way through Soviet nostalgia.  Learn about life half-way around the world.  Join your fellow travelers at www.facebook.com/TheRussiaBox for delicious recipes, fascinating history, gorgeous art, stunning architecture and discussion of traditional arts & crafts.

Previous Boxes

Box contents may vary!